Server-Side Scripting Language – PHP 

PHP is a server-side scripting language that many individuals and various popular companies widely use. A server-side scripting language means that you can create dynamic and static web pages and websites, which is done using a web server. A PHP programmer can manage most of the aspects of their website with PHP’s help, which eliminates the need to reprogramming the complete code of the website to make minor changes.

You can directly pass the commands written in PHP to the browser in the form of HTML when a PHP code is executed. Php does allow you to perform system functions like creating, editing, or opening any file. One can also manage a database easily with PHP language.

Comparison Of A Scripting Language And A Programming Language

A programming language is meant to write and develop applications or websites. In contrast, a scripting language is mainly meant for routine tasks like updating a database or sending data from form to database.

A programming language usually requires the compilation of code before the code could execute, but scripting languages do not need compilation.

Scripting languages like PHP are supposed to enhance the working of code by making the process fast and straightforward. There are several scripting languages like PHP, namely Python, Perl, Ruby, etc.

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WordPress Is An Excellent Example Of Why PHP

Sorted by mostly every hosting and web solution service, and as a matter of fact, WordPress itself is a Content management system that uses and supports PHP. However, PHP earlier was only a back-end language that could not create GUI of a website and only used to handle whatever happens after you make any input on the user interface.

But recently, with the coming of features like PHP-GTK, you can now create GUI of dynamic web applications and web pages.

Application Of PHP Includes Image Processing 

Uses of PHP are not limited to text data, but one can also modify images and perform different actions on images such as rotating the image, cropping it, or even resizing it to fit best on the webpage. There are various PHP-based applications that allow you to add stamps or watermarks to any image file. Due to this, developers can create thumbnails or logo designs for websites easily.

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Php Is Compatible With Many Databases And Embedded With Many Languages 

Conventional databases like Oracle or MySQL and new database programs like PostgreSQL are also compatible with PHP language. Not only database but servers like apache or IIS or any new or old web hosting shows total compatibility with PHP. You can be using languages like java or python to create the front end or any language, but you need not worry about their embedding with PHP because it directly embeds to HTML, which is the base for web development.

Learning PHP is not complicated like javascript, and also, it does not include complex syntax like other languages. Moreover, the programs are fast to execute, making the website more responsive.