Perl Programming Language For Text Processing And Object-Oriented Implementations

Larry Wall initially developed Perl for extracting text from several text files, which did the work just fine then. But later, he decided to create an interpreter for the language and create a new language for worldwide use. Perl was generally based on the C language, but many recent versions of this language are close to python and other high-level programming languages.

Perl is no more just a text extracting language, but one can use it for system administration purposes or network programming and web development. Using Perl for Linux system administration has its benefits over shell scripting due to various services.

Perl Programming
Perl Programming

Installing And Beginning With Perl Is Easy And Fast



Perl supports a significant number of data types, and its syntax could either be simple like python or sometimes get complex. If a person has prior knowledge of high-level languages like C, C++ and also knows the concepts of OOPS (Object Oriented Programming Language), then learning Perl for them would be very easy.


Comparing Two High-Level Languages – Perl Vs Python

It is valid to confuse whether a person learns python or Perl because both are general-purpose, high-level languages and are equally good in their user’s perspective. Instead of finding one of the best among these two languages, you need to understand that both languages are built for very different tasks. However, there are many programming fields where you have the choice to choose any of these languages.

Python has a clean syntax compared to Perl, and its web scripting language part is also beneficial for web developers. Django and web2py frameworks of python are unbeatable, and you can write different other language codes in python.

UNIX users can enjoy Perl’s advantages as it provides the facility to create programs with the command line interpreter interface. Moreover, UNIX programmers can handle databases, develop GUI software and application and manage networking and administer the system, all with this single language.

Perl Is Also A Community-Based Language That Is Ever-Evolving

Perl community is also increasing daily, just like its popularity, and one can find many libraries and frameworks that are built daily to make your programming with Perl easy and efficient. You can enjoy easy connectivity of Perl with the different database that includes third party databases. Recently many software applications which use biometrics or text recognition do use Perl for text extraction.

You can begin learning Perl from the official website’s documents, which are openly available for everyone. One can master different aspects of this language like system administration or web development, or GUI application development.